Career Development

About two-thirds of our waking hours are devoted to work. Wisely choosing our career path and developing practical steps for achieving our goals, is an important element for a healthy mental and emotional lives.

After dozens of career development processes, we can state that individuals tend to choose their professional path as a reflection of the way they see themselves and the place they think they are entitled. Our job is to empower our consultees and to enhance their sense of security and competence.

Sliding Doors

It wasn’t so long ago that people believed they should have a job for life. The common view in the employment world was "Till death do us apart." However, in today’s fast-paced work environment, people are expected on an average to hold eight different careers over their lifetime (!).

Like any change, career development involves a gradual growth process. Success is achieved when an appropriate career path is formulated; one that embodies the potential for employment realization, increases the sense of satisfaction from work and meets personal, social, and economic needs.

Our Offering

In our career counseling sessions, strengths, desires and needs are analyzed. We dive into the client’s value system, abilities, skills, and experience. We uncover and discuss gaps between the client’s current employment state and future expectations. After clarifying the picture, we formulate a practical work plan for bridging these gaps.

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