Emotional Therapy

The modern era introduces numerous challenges regarding self, work, relationships, and family.

At the heart of the emotional therapy process is the exploration of emotional resilience, optimism, self-monitoring, work-life-balance and other human experiences.

Creating Relationships

The goal of emotional therapy is to provide counseling and support in situations of distress, anxiety and confusion. Seeing a mental health counselor can be an empowering opportunity for exploring emotional needs.

Through a series of therapeutic sessions the client can learns ways of reframing experiences, or upgrading expectations. Through direct yet supportive feedback the client can improve self-awareness and be able to focus on things that ought to be modified.

Our Offering

Sometimes, we need to be more attentive in listening to our inner voice,turning down the volume of negative, weakening internal monologues while connecting ourselves to positive, optimistic thoughts.

During the session we strive to improve psychological wellness by acknowledging personal strengths and weaknesses, increasing social sensitivity, self-monitoring and behavioral flexibility. Through these sessions our clients are able to gain mental and emotional resiliency.

The treatment is conducted by Ph.D. level mental health professionals experienced in a diverse set of psychotherapy techniques.

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